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February: COVID

Long-term systemic changes

With February coming to a close (and shockingly little action from the government and PHO despite a 700% increase in variant cases since January), we are ending the month with visions for the future based on the politics that created our COVID crisis. #COVIDzero needs to happen now, but once we’re done, let’s shift focus to:

  • Essential worker power. For a government that ran hard on its union backing, education workers, healthcare workers, and all essential workers lack power to gain protections despite their high-risk situations. They deserve reforms that will give them that power and a system that reflects their will, without being forced to take work actions.
  • Whole-person care. That means not just medical. Pharma, equipment (incl. vision), dental, and mental. With all the financial strain from the terrible policy response to the pandemic depression, the need is laid bare. We must deliver on the promise of socialized medicine.
  • Whole-life care. We need affordable, public care from birth to old age, including daycare and eldercare, and even in death, with investments in hospice to achieve better patient outcomes. We need chronic care systems for everything from long COVID to ME/CFS. We need wellness and nutrition supports.
  • Whole-society capacity. We need to renovate and build more healthcare capacity, including for advanced digital technology and mass testing/sequencing capacity. We also need structural reforms to the way we train medical professionals, reducing the cost and time associated with their development, and opening doors to create more jobs in the medical space.
  • Addressing COVID’s legacy. We need to define a plan to care for the thousands of people who will suffer from long COVID. This means dedicated resources in our communities to provide support, training programs, research, the whole nine yards.

See our five-point action plan to get to #COVIDzero →

Fixing the Four Cs

Monthly, beginning in February 2021, ENOUGH will release a five-point action plan and a vision for long-term systemic change.
We aim to take these to the people and our elected representatives, pushing for change that will protect us all and secure our futures.

If you have had ENOUGH, reach out via social or email.
We’ll stay in touch and let you know when we release our plans. Stay tuned for March, April, and May, as we tackle the other Four Cs.

Want to get involved? Here’s how we propose to organize and act for change.