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It’s time for us all to show the government and our neighbours that we want to fight for #COVIDzero. There is a movement of people here in BC and across the country who want to keep our societies safe, and go back to normal life with more, sensible, lifesaving restrictions. Canada’s Atlantic provinces are a model we can quickly and easily learn from, as are many countries worldwide.

Here’s how: On February 15, Family Day, craft a #COVIDzero sign and put it in your window. Take a photo and put it on your social accounts with #WeHaveHadEnough. @enough_assez will signal-boost all the beautiful creations, and we’ll start a movement together.

It’s a fun, easy activity, and you can do it with your loved ones to make it quicker. All you need is a letter-sized piece of paper (or any other medium you choose) and your imagination. Make it your own; choose colours, textures, and elements that compel you.


On February 15, #craft action for COVIDzero. Join our movement: perennial.work/enough/feb15 #WeHaveHadEnough #fyp

♬ original sound – #WeHaveHadEnough

Download the free template as a PDF →

Here’s the sign’s reference design:

And here’s how to make the different parts of the ENOUGH logo:

And lastly, the instructions, with a size reference for the hashtag:

And if you think this is a good idea, please tell your friends. Print the PDF and give it to people you care about and who you know agree (attention, teachers looking for a way to show the establishment that 80% of you want universal masking in schools).

Let’s start a movement and see these in windows wherever people care enough to fight for #COVIDzero. See you on February 15.

As always, reach us via our social accounts or email.

(And if you’re reading this after February 15 and wondering if you should make your own sign even though you missed the first round, the answer is yes! We will keep signal-boosting. Stay tuned for more!)