Flower-shaped logo with the 11 Progress Flag colours of inclusive Pride and the text QRS TUV in the middle.

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QRS: Queers
Reclaiming Space

We strive to take space for our communities, in solidarity with Indigiqueer and Indigenous peoples reclaiming territories. This includes physical, mental, visual, emotional, and digital space. We preserve existing space, establish new spaces, and fight to challenge those who take our space.

TUV: Trans+
Unity Vision

We strive to support, include, and fight for our trans, two-spirit, and gender-diverse communities. This includes opposing anti-trans+ hatred in all its forms, protests to advance social change and societal inclusiveness, and events for communities to build context with trans+ people. 



TD's "Forever Proud" branding exercise sponsors 83 Prides across North America. TD uses Pride to rainbow-wash their role in the climate and ecological crisis. Since the Paris Agreement, TD has helped to financially support Prides for about 40 million dollars, made over 44 billion dollars in profit, and lent over 103 billion dollars to fossil fuel companies. Pride belongs to the people. Not to TD and the fossilgarchy. Let's end the rainbow-washing.

For more information about TD’s fossil fuel lending, check out the awesome, depressing Banking on Climate Chaos 2021 report.