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The Drivers Cooperative

Founded in 2020, The Drivers Cooperative is a worker-owned competitor to big tech companies like Uber and Lyft that exploit and undermine drivers. Based in New York City, their platform cooperative will give drivers higher wages and more job security, while providing riders with a better service across America’s largest city.

PERENNIAL.WORK is supporting TDC’s leadership to develop a consumer marketing plan to address NYC riders.

Meryam Haddad

A 33-year-old Syrian immigrant and refugee lawyer in Montréal, Meryam Haddad ran as an 🍉 ecosocialist candidate for leader of the Green Party of Canada in 2020. Her #WatermelonRevolution brought a youthful, visionary spirit to the campaign, and she was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of Canada and Justice Internationale. When the Green Party establishment wrongfully suspended her campaign, #IStandWithMeryam rose to Canada’s #3 Twitter trend and forced the party to reinstate her. She continues to push Canadian politics left.

PERENNIAL.WORK served as Meryam’s chief strategic partner during the campaign and continues to support her organizing.

Members for Growth & Renewal

In the wake of the 2019 federal election, a group of Green Party members banded together to form Members for Growth & Renewal, dedicated to reforming the ways that the party conducts business, makes decisions, and elevates member voices.

PERENNIAL.WORK has advised MG&R’s leadership team on how to make change, and what to focus on, since their founding.

Bonnie North

Bonnie North has been an important part of the Green Party at the Ontario provincial and federal levels since she ran in the 2014 Ontario provincial election. She became the Deputy Leader of the Ontario Green Party, and ran as a candidate in 2015, 2018, and 2019. Her strong voice, especially on Twitter, has pushed for leftist values and party reform. She was instrumental in bringing light to misconduct by party’s former Executive Director and continues to fight for marginalized people in the party and in Barrie.

PERENNIAL.WORK has worked with Bonnie from the beginning. She is Gary‘s mom, and change-making runs in the family.