ENOUGH / Manifesto

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We are tired of the NDP only speaking truth to power in opposition. We are tired of the NDP being captive to corporate interests.
We are tired of begging for more.

We are tired of watching in horror as Notley and Horgan destroy the climate and steamroll Indigenous rights to serve the fossilgarchy.
We are tired of a lack of creativity and ambition in the party that should stand for the people.

We have had ENOUGH.

Who are we?

An extrapartisan grassroots coalition demanding change.
We are NDP lifers critical of the party’s rightward direction,
joining with ecosocialists seeking a party to call home.
We are scared teachers, parents, children, and Indigenous communities. We are the majority that deserves to be represented.

What can we do?

Build an organizing coalition inside and outside the party that is not cowed by corporations or the broken establishment.

Our ambition is to fix the Four Cs:

ENOUGH is just getting started. Beginning in February with COVID, we will be releasing policy monthly to address each of the Four Cs.

Our first step is to challenge John Horgan’s right-wing leadership by building a grassroots coalition in British Columbia to demand that the NDP majority in the province serves the public interest. Step 1: finally treating COVID like the crisis it is, and fixing BC’s deeply broken approach to protect us all as variants spread and cases rise.

With a federal election looming in 2021, there is lots more for us to do to demand that the federal NDP serve the people. Stay tuned.